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Digisite Systems Inc. offers secure real-time well site data standardization and delivery systems that can be deployed either on the rig or in the office remotely. Authorized subject matter experts utilize the real-time monitor capability of the systems to respond the changing conditions on the well site quickly to enhance the decision making. Read more
Digisite RigInCloud
Digisite RigInCloud provides cloud services to enable pay-as-you-go data collecting and monitoring services, avoiding complicated IT infrastrucutre setup and maintenance, spinning up the required well site data services in no time.
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Digisite Rig Aggregators
The suite of aggregators plays the role of interface between rig sensors, data acquisitive equipments and the Digisite WITSML Server. It collects well site data in WITS format or other well known industry standards such as LAS, LIS and converts them to WITSML format on the fly. Lithology and Comments editor allows mudlogers to input cuttings and interpred lithology on the rig site, the information can be reviewed from the remote offices through WITSML technology.
Digisite WITSML Server
Digisite WITSML Server is the core system to store and publish 22 types of well data, it fully supports WITSML 1.3.1 API standard and data types with our state-of-art XML database technology. It can be deployed on the rig, in the office or combined to support data replication. Authorized subject matter experts can subscribe data they wish to see and access them anywhere in real-time.

To integrate our Digisite WITSML Server to your existing applications and systems, you don't need to re-design your systems, simply develop an interface using our object-oriented class libraries and APIs, you are ready to go.
Rig WITSML 1.3.1 Server
Enterprise WITSML 1.3.1 Server
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WITSML 1.3.1 Synch Server
Digisite RTexplorer
Digisite RTexplorer offers an integrated platform to visualize drilling parameters, Logs, gauges, LWD/MWD data, and Lithology data in real-time, enables subject matter experts from different disciplines to work together remotely or on site.
RTExplorer Web Server
Digisite SmartANT IoT platform
In 2017, Digisite proudly announced the release of an Internet of Thing platform - SmartANT.

SmartAnt : a general-purpose hardware platform
SmartVault : IoT platform for message transmission and storage
SmartID : a security and Identity management system for IoT devices and platform.
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